Welcome to your inner journey!

Thank you for connecting!

In this site you will find useful information, web material, news and events towards creating and maintaining a personal practice. Give yourself the chance to close eyes and just listen to your inner voice. Perhaps, there is an important message to receive.


Yoga with your baby


Do you have a baby and feel ready to return to move your body and reconnect with yourself?  Would you like to join this class?

We practice all fridays 9:45-11am with the little ones hanging around. The level is reachable to anyone and postures can be modifiable, so you are presented with many options to test, respect and listen to this new body that you are about to discover again.

You can always make a pause if you feel like it. You can just sit and breathe, listen to the music, breastfeed or take care of your baby in any way. Always welcome to resume your practice.

The group consists mainly of mothers from the nearby area, with babies from 3-15 months old, but you can always bring your older toddler if you need to do so.

You can also attend this class without a baby. Women* from other classes are also welcome to join this class if they find it convenient, just as the mothers are welcome to use their class klips to attend other schedules when they feel like it.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please connect with me to arrange a trial class for you and miniyou.

Looking forward to meet you soon!

Email me: reginapacheco@gmail.com

108 Sun Salutations practice

The number 108 has many symbolic meanings along a wide variety of interpretations from science, religion and spirituality among others.

In yoga, the number 108 is regarded as a possible structure to follow towards a better version of a devotional yoga practice. The truth is, that a 108 sun salutation practice, can certainly awake and restart (tapas) our current practice to look forward to the next step.

January 6th 2018


Egå Mosevej 6, 8250 Egå

Egå Forsamlingshus.

180kr. ( 80kr for registered practitioners)

Contact me for registering and more info: reginapacheco@gmail.com



New Year’s workshop


Come practice with me before the year ends. Take some time for yourself to make a pause, to take a breath and look behind for the last time. To consciously see your own process, your results, to acknowledge the real you today. Completely guiltless, nourishing and honoring your path.

Saturday December 30th 9:30-11:30am

Egå Forsamlingshus

110kr (or one class of your current subscription)

We will do a delicious yoga practice but also will have some time to sit down and write, to bring thoughts and ideas to the material world.

Let me know if you are interested and/or have any questions.


See you for a last time this year?



Saturday morning classes and workshops in Aarhus C!

Foto de Byens Tag

I have found a very nice super-hyggeligt and centric place to practice on saturdays right in Aarhus Center! It is not very big, so workshops and classes are small groups and confirmation is required to attend.

Join me for a delicious Vijñana class with enough time for meditation, pranayama and asana on saturday morning where you can deepen your attention in your  own personal process working towards a better understanding of it.

Price: 100kr (or one class of your klippekort)

Contact me for further details on dates and availability:  reginapacheco@gmail.com




In this 2-hour weekend workshop we will work with the upper part of the body where most of us store so much tension.

The idea is to gradually find our range of mobility through organic movement.

You will learn simple techniques to release this area by yourself in the future.

No need to have any previous yoga experience.

Saturday November 18th 2017 kl. 10-12


Byens Tag. Immervad 1.  2.sal tv. 8000 Aarhus C

Spots are limited so please confirm your assistance emailing reginapacheco@gmail.com





Have you felt pain or tension in the lower back?

Would you like to learn some specific sequences to be able to release it by yourself?

Join me for a super relaxing evening workshop where we will work on providing some space to our body’s most important structure, the spine.

No need to have any previous experience in yoga.

Workshop in english.

Monday 23th  kl. 19:30-21:00

Egå Forsamligshus. Egå Mosevej 6, 8250

180kr (Or 1 class of your klippekort if you are a registered practitioner).

Sign up for this workshop emailing: reginapacheco@gmail.com